Pray for me at Salvation Mountain

Salvation Mountain is probably one of the most unusual places to visit in the deserts of Southern California. Literally a big mountain full of religious art using latex paint and a big imagination. This place is located in the city of Niland and created by artist Leonard Knight. If you take this trip from LA, […]

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Let’s go to San Diego

I never knew the city of San Diego had many sights to offer until I really did some research and discovered all kinds of interesting places to visit. I have only conquered a few spots and still need many to go. I never knew these places existed so I was pretty excited when I got […]

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Bottle Tree Ranch on Route 66

Hey guys! If you ever find your self bored and just want to take a drive somewhere random. You might want to check out Elmer’s Bottle Tree Ranch. It’s a ranch full of hand-made “trees” decorated with empty glass bottles by Elmer Long. Sounds trippy right? You can find this place off the historic Route […]

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Memorial Weekend Road Trip

Before I go into detail about my road trip to San Francisco, just want to give a big thank you to all the troops who have protected our country. You will always be remembered and honored. Shout out to all the troops out there still serving till this day and continue to work hard. This […]

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