Moonlight forest

Moonlight Forest was a night full of magical lanterns across the Los  Angeles Arboretum. Although it was a very cold night, I was really excited to finally get to experience this art event. The festival opened on October 26th and will end January 6th. Tickets are $28.00 for adults, $23.00 for children, and $25.00 for seniors. If you are buying online there will be an extra fee of $4.30-$4.60. Parking is free but limited. So make sure to get there a little early to guarantee a parking space and avoid street parking. The festival is open from 5:30pm – 10:00pm. 

If you bought tickets online they scan your tickets at the front. There is a box office at the front if you are buying at the door. Below are some photos from the festival right when we entered. 

Each light display has a description. 

Below are more displays from the open field. 

There is a food court available next to the open field. They have different lunch trucks available along with alcoholic beverages. When you enter the festival, it is located on the right side. There will be a sign and security at the front of the entrance. Security is there because you are not able to take any alcoholic beverages out of the food court. There are plenty of benches and tables for everyone and you can enjoy the lights from a landscape view. 

On the other side of the food court is an asian them section that transition into an animal theme. Below are some more pictures. 

Not only do you get to admire all the magical displays and eat some good food, they also have some entertainment. There are dancers and an amazing performance from talented jugglers that blew my mind. Very trippy to watch, it’s a must see. 

I would like to add that there is a Hennessey bar by the area where the performers are. Just in case you’re into that. After checking out the entertainers, we continued to check out the rest of the displays. 

One of the popular displays was the “Underwater Tunnel”. There were a lot of people at this one taking photos, so I wasn’t able to get a good shot without some photo bombing. 

I wasn’t able to get a pictures of every display because I was enjoying most of the night admiring all the art. But we did save the best one for last. The Chinese Dragon. 

Hope you guys enjoyed this post and get to experience this magical event. Tickets are still available till January 6th, so don’t miss out. 

One more thing, there are other light shows to go out an experience. You can go online and look into:

The Enchanted Forest of Lights

or The Chinese Lantern Festival




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