Pumpkin Nights LA

Hey guys! This one is kind of a late post, but still wanted to share my experience to Pumpkin Nights LA. The event is over but you can still check out their website Pumpkin Nights LA and add yourself to their mailing list to see when their next pop up will be.

Once I purchased my tickets in advance (they sell out quick), I couldn’t wait to see over 3,000 hand-carved pumpkins uniquely placed in colorful fantasy displays. I had never heard of this event before and found about it on instagram. Ticket price was $14 each adult and kids/senior was $12 during the night owl special. Regular price was $20 for adults and $16 for kids/senior.

We got lucky and ended up not paying for parking. Parking was actually really complicated to find at the fairplex in pomona. There were not many signs to guide you to where the event was actually located but we were able to find it.


Upon entering is the main area where you can purchase food, snacks, and even beer. Once you pass that area, you can start exploring all the pumpkin theme areas. They had themes such as a pirate wonderland and an asian theme area.

Below are pictures of the popular pumpkin tunnel. 

There was a really cool area that had bubbles everywhere. The neon lights really brought out the luminous colors from the pumpkin displays. 

Here are some pictures of other pumpkin displays. 

Really recommend you get to check out this event next year. The next event I will be going to is Moonlight forest at the Los Angles Arboretum. Check out the link https://www.arboretum.org/moonlight-forest-magical-lantern-art-festival/ for more information.


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