Come feed the World’s Largest Bird

Have you ever got to feed an ostrich up close and personal? Well you can if you are willing to take a drive towards the city of Solvang. It’s about three hours from Los Angeles down the 101 frwy or if you want to catch the ocean views, you can take CA-1 PCH.


Known as the largest and fastest birds in the world, you can come to Ostrichland to feed  ostriches for $6. It’s $5 entrance and $1 for the food. There are restrooms (porta potty) available and there is a small gift shop where you can buy souvenirs made of ostrich.


Inside the shop, you pay the admission at the register and they will hand you a bowl.


Once you get your bowl and walk outside, to your right you will see rules for feeding the ostriches and emu.


Porta potty was clean and the sink is available outside.


At first glance, all the ostriches were out in the field. Had to shake the bowls to get their attention.


You have to make sure to hold bowls with two hands because they poke at you pretty aggressively.


Fun fact: Ostriches can sprint at over km/hr. For more facts, you can click on link Ostrich Facts to learn more. You can also feed Emu here. They have a separate section with large and baby emu. Emu are the second largest living bird. Below are some pics.


You can buy more bowls at the front desk if you run out of food. I believe its unlimited feeding. When you head out, they have a cool wall with ostrich wings. You can do a little photo shoot with friends or family before heading out.


Near by, is the city of Solvang. It’s a small danish style village with Danish restaurants, wineries, history, and windmills. So if you have extra time to spare, you gotta at least pass by and grab a snack in the village area.

Hope you get to visit this spot at least once. It’s a long drive but if you leave early, you will find yourself enjoying a small adventure.




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