Hot Spots in Paradise

Before I get started on naming my favorite spots in Kauai, I just want to shout out the resort we stayed in. We stayed at the Waipouli Beach Resort, and had a great experience. The resort was clean and had the most amazing views of the beach. Their pool area had jacuzzi’s, slides, and caves. Near the beach you can enjoy drinks at the Oasis . They even have a resident seal who hangs out at the beach. I highly recommend staying here.


I just wanted to make a list of cool spots I got to discover when I got to experience Kauai, Hawaii. I took many photos and decided to show everyone how you must come and visit this island at least once in your lifetime. I’m going to start off with my favorite spot of them all.


One of the wettest spots on Earth! Wai’ale’ale was my favorite spot to visit. At first I was a little scared because it just kept raining at the top of the mountain. It rained so hard at one point the wind was blowing hard and I wasnt sure if this was normal. But apparently, it is. As we walked up all the way to the top, I can’t even explain the views from above. The surface is red, wet, and moist. You can get an amazing shot of the beach down below.

This area is wet, rainy, and windy. You have to walk up to get to the top.
Elevation 5148Ft


Waimea Canyon

“The Grand Canyon of Hawaii”. If you want to feel like your on top of the world, you have to come to Waimea Canyon. At the top, you can see Waipoo falls from a distance. This place is the opposite of the Grand Canyon. Very colorful and tropical looking. You can check out more information on the state park with link Waimea Canyon.


Ni’ihau Viewpoint

At this location you get the side view of the canyon. Although you don’t get a good view of Waipoo Falls, you can actually start the hike to the waterfall at this location. We didn’t get to experience the hike because it started raining really hard and we were not prepared since we had a baby with us. The hike is around 5 miles.


The Spouting Horn

Spouting Horn Beach located in Poipu, was a scene to experience. This scenic lookout was interesting to witness as you see water spouting from below lava rocks as the waves come in. There are warning signs everywhere to not get close because it can be dangerous. Water can go up to 50ft into the air. What I liked about this place was the small tents that where selling small gifts. You can find things from shark jewelry, hawaiian purses, and other hawaiian cultural items. Restrooms are available at this location.


Wailea Beach

This beach was actually the first beach we visited when we landed. The beach had a lot of washed away tree trunks because Hurricane Lane was near. It was interesting to see a beach after a hurricane passing by. Although the hurricane didn’t hit Kauai directly, they still suffered alot of rainfall.


Only for the fearless




Hanalei Bay Overlook

We came across this overlook trying to get to the Maniniholo Dry Cave. We tried driving on the Kuhio Hwy till it ended but it was closed down due to the rain flooding the roads.  Near by, you can also catch the Hanalei National Wildlife Refuge view.


Wailua Falls

Wailua Falls is probably the most popular waterfall to see while in Kauai. You don’t have to do any hiking to find it. You can view the waterfall at the end of the road from above. There are trails on the side but it can be very dangerous because of the rain. There are warning signs not to go beyond the cliffs but a local did tell us many people go down there for the adventure. I didn’t get many pics at this spot but that one rainbow shot I got was enough to describe this amazing waterfall.


This is my last post on my trip to Kauai, Hawaii. I hope I can visit again soon because there is so much more I didn’t get to explore. I hope I encouraged you to visit this island one day. You will not be disappointed. See you soon Hawaii.


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