The Royal Bath

Ever been on a hike in paradise? I went to Kauai, Hawaii last week and witnessed the most beautiful tide pool at the end of a 0.8 mile hike. Queen’s Bath is known for its high tides, pool-like sinkhole, and beautiful breath-taking views. If you ever plan on traveling to the Garden Island make sure you go early to ensure a parking spot. Parking is limited, maybe around seven parking spaces available. We were lucky to get a spot while someone was leaving and we got there around 8:30am. The trail starts on the right side of the parking lot behind a fence. You will see a warning sign to precede at your own risk. Note: Queen’s bath is known for at least 29 deaths because of high tides.


As you walk down, the trail is very visible and very muddy. Because of the daily rainfall I would recommend wearing hiking boots on the trail and have some water shoes to change into once you get to the pool. We actually had a baby with us but he was secure with a baby carrier so you can say it was slightly dangerous because you may slip and fall. No lie this area smelled like tequila and it was really strong. I wasn’t sure where it was coming from but could have been from the Strawberry Guava tree at the beginning of the trail.

Once you path the muddy part of the trail, the trail starts to look jungle-like. The greenery is so refreshing and you can start to see the ocean.


You will encounter a warning sign to not go off trail. It can be dangerous to the nesting habitats were several birds have already died.


After passing this sign, the trail goes down and you will finally get to see the water flowing. You will get wet which is a good thing because you can wash off all the mud on your shoes.


Pass the stream and you will hit the infamous stone warning of how many death’s have happened at Queen’s Bath. Warning: “Unexpected large waves will knock you off rocks and sweep you out to sea”.

This is the part of the hike where you feel like you made it the end and the views of the ocean are something out of a dream. We were lucky enough to encounter some sea turtles. I have seen YouTube videos of people jumping into the water in this area but I don’t know how they do it. The tide seems so strong and the waves are unpredictable. We kept a distance but got close enough to take pics of the sea turtles in the water.


At first, we thought this was Queen’s bath. But this was just the first pool of the hike. You have to walk a little further to reach the bath. First you get to walk on top of old lava rocks from the 1983 Kilauea Volcano that erupted in 1987.  It’s a pretty amazing scene to experience and you get to see live animals between the rocks. You will also see maybe two post with rescue tubes just in case of an emergency. Once you pass the rocks you will finally hit your destination.


Finally you make it to Queen’s Bath aka the Royal Bath. Water is so blue and crisp. We were able to make it while there was a low tide. People were already there swimming and snorkeling. I couldn’t wait to get in. Water was the perfect temperature and people were jumping off the small cliff. Warning: if you decided to jump off the cliff make sure to jump out far enough so you won’t hit rocks attached to the cliff. If you take your snorkeling gear you will encounter small fishes down below and more marine life. Have to be honest I did get scared a few times thinking the tide was going to get big but we went early so didn’t really have nothing to worry about. Some people sitting on the rocks near where the waves were hitting and they did get hit a few times by some waves but it was harmless. It also rained hard for a few minutes but that didn’t bother anyone. I’m from California so it’s a bit weird that happens. lol


Hope you enjoyed this post on one of Kauai’s must stop adventures, Queen’s Bath. I will be doing two more post from my trip in Hawaii. One on a hike to Secret Falls and another on more mandatory adventure’s in Kauai. Thank you.


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