Malibu’s Most Wanted

Malibu is surrounded by many beaches but my one of favorite spots is Point Dume. I discovered there are two parts to explore. You can either hike the trails above the cliff or hang out at the cove between the cliffs. If you are driving from Los Angeles to Malibu, it is best to take the US-101N and exit Kanan Rd to Cliffside Dr. There is very limited parking and most likely you won’t find it right at the front of Point Dume Preserve. There is, however, parking on Grasswood Ave, a few blocks down. Make sure to park within the lines because you will get a ticket if not properly parked. Once you get to the front area you will see there are two trails. The trail closest to the left will take you to the bird’s-eye view of Point Dume and the other will lead you to a flight of stairs down to the beach area which is the walk further down.

The tip of the cliff is a California registered historical landmark. The hike is a one mile loop. There are different trails to walk. Some split to the cliff and down to the ocean, but really recommend you walk to the cliff first to catch the amazing ocean views.


Once you hit the landmark, you will see a trail to keep walking to the tip of the cliff.


The views from above are breath taking. Malibu beaches are clean and if you notice between the cliffs there is hardly anyone by the cove. Reason why, you have to either carefully hike your way down, or follow the other trail down to the beach and cross the rocks on the right side.

After catching the views from above, and hike down from the cliff, you will see a trail down on your left side. The hike will lead you down to the beach. Once you hit the beach this will be your view.


Most likely you will see rock climbers at the rock and if you see on the pics above there are some rocks in front of the cliff where you will be crossing to the other side. I know it might sound a little scary, but it trust me anyone can cross over.


After crossing the rocks, you hit the cove. The cove has to be one of the best beach spots in Malibu. Not a lot of people are here so you can have privacy and for some reason the waves are huge in this area. One negative thing, there is no lifeguard in this area, so be careful. Below are some pics of how crazy the waves can get.


There is also an area on the left side with tide pools. If you don’t have sandals, it might hurt climbing on the rocks. Also, be careful because sometimes the waves hit hard and cover the tide pools.


So if you ever want to hang out at a beach, be sure to catch Point Dume. You have the whole package; hiking, swimming, and exploring all in one. Below are some more pictures of this historical landmark beach.



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