The Oasis

Nicholas Pond is not really an Oasis but sure feels like it because it’s really one of Malibu’s hidden gems. I came across this trail by accident while looking for a cave in Malibu. Never found that cave but came across this trail. Was skeptic at first because didn’t know if the drought had taken over the pond but since the trail was less than a mile, why not check it out. The trail to the pond is 0.61 mile. If you want to continue hiking, there is a trail beyond the pond that leads to the ocean view. The trail to the pond is not really advertised and I noticed nobody really comes here. As a matter of fact, every time I have come here I have only seen one person passing through. You will have privacy here and will be able to get landscape photos without any photo-bombs.

Parking is just enough for one or two cars and it is free. The drive here is rough and somewhat awkward. Streets turn into dirt road and it gets real bumpy. Once you get to the parking area, you will notice a more peaceful vibe.

From start to finish this trail stays tranquil. Perfect to get your mind off stress or take a short walk with a loved one. Below are photos of the trail to the pond.

Once you hit the small bridge, you are getting closer to the pond.


Before hitting the pond you will be surrounded by tall bushes followed by nothing but greenery.


You know you hit the pond once you hit the wooden bench. There is only one bench in front of the pond which has a scenic view. Usually nobody is here so you get to enjoy the peacefulness, only problem there is no restroom. Since there is a drought, you can tell water once filled up the pond all the way to the bench. There is still water but I can imagine what it looks like after a rainy day.


This is a nice spot to come hang out with some friends or enjoy some lunch while viewing the natural scene. There is a visible trail in back of the bench if you want to continue hiking to see the ocean views. Hope you enjoy this Malibu gem and tell me about your experience.



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