Summer Beachin at the Pirate Tower

Summer is here and it’s time to adventure to some new places. Located at one of my favorite beaches, Victoria Beach, is the infamous Pirate Tower. You might have not heard of this but there is an actual tower in Laguna. However, it is a private staircase to the home owner above the cliff. You are not able to enter the tower but you can enjoy the views of the tower from below when there is a low tide. Located near the tower is also what I call a pool surrounded by a round rock structure. Although I have never seen it full of water, it is a unique thing to see at a beach.

If you type “pirate tower” on google maps, it will take you to this location but it might get tricky to find. It will take you to a residential block where most likely you will not find parking. You will have to find parking on the streets. I usually find parking on CA-1 South, across from Victoria Drive. So be prepared to walk 0.5-1 mile.

You will know you found the entrance once you see the walk way down pictured below

There will be private homes surrounding the walk way, so make sure to respect their property. You will see signs to not trespass.

Once you reach the bottom and see the beach, head to the right side passing the cliff.


To the right side, is the “pool”. As I mentioned, I have never seen it full of water but I have never seen anything like this at a beach. Since there was a low tide, alot of people were just hanging out here and taking pictures.


Right next to the pool is the pirate tower. Very popular spot for photographers, so I would recommend coming on a weekday. I came on a Sunday, so wasn’t able to get a good picture of the tower alone. Check out my pictures below.

Below are some more pictures of a time I came on a gloomy day. Have to say I got better pictures that day because it was about to be sunset.






Hope you enjoy this adventure and take epic pictures. Don’t forget to also enjoy the beach views. I would also recommend stopping by Crystal Cove State Park. I will be doing another blog on this spot soon but you can get a heads up by clicking link.


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