Desert Road Trippin to Noah Purifoy Art Museum

This road trip is not really the best to take during the summer but if you don’t mind hot temperatures in the desert, welcome to the outdoor museum. The Noah Purifoy Foundation founded by Noah Purifoy, who also co-found the Watts Towers, is a visual artist and sculptor. It took him fifteen years to create the now 10 acre museum with over one hundred works of art. Museum is free but you can donate by clicking on link Noah Purifoy Foundation. From LA to Joshua Tree, this trip is approximately 2 hours away. Not many people come here so parking is not a problem. Parking is located right across from the museum and you will encounter dirt road.

I first came to this museum maybe like two years ago and was in awe of all the sculptures here. I was really impressed on all the hard work and complexity of each structure. Some kind of gave me a creepy vibe but I love dark art so I loved it. My favorite piece is the “Carousel”. Trip out on all the details inside.

I have also drove here during the fall season and had a more pleasant experience because it wasn’t too hot. I usually drive to Joshua Tree after since it’s only 20 minutes away. Other destinations in this area that you might want to also drive to include; Cabazon Dinosaurs, Desert Christ Park, White Water Preserve, and Bottle Tree Ranch.

Below are some pictures I took during both summer and fall season.

Summer Pics


“The Kirkby Express” by Noah Purifoy


Untitled (Blue) by Noah Purifoy
“No contest” by Noah Purifoy


“Quonset Hut”
“65 Aluminium Trays” by Noah Purifoy
“From the View of the Little People” by Noah Purifoy
“Adrian’s Little Theatre” by Noah Purifoy


“Carousel” by Noah Purifoy
Inside the “Carousel”

Fall Pics

Inside the “Carousel”
Inside the “Carousel”


“Sage Ct/Sage Ave” by Noah Purifoy
Inside the “Carousel”


“Quonset Hut” by Noah Purifoy

Thank you for checking out my blog to Noah Purifoy foundation. Just a side note, all locations on my blog are found through google maps. Please let me know what you think by leaving a comment.


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