Let’s go to San Diego

I never knew the city of San Diego had many sights to offer until I really did some research and discovered all kinds of interesting places to visit. I have only conquered a few spots and still need many to go. I never knew these places existed so I was pretty excited when I got to each one. Let me share some of the few places I have visited and tell you a little about them.

Mt. Soledad National Veteran’s Memorial

Mt. Soledad is a must stop if you ever drive to San Diego. It is a prominent landmark and located in La Jolla since 1954. This is a memorial honoring over 3,500 veterans. If you want to learn more on the honored veterans or want to make a donation, you can click on link Mt. Soledad Veteran’s Memorial.

This place is literally the best views you will get of San Diego. You can see the city and beaches from 822 ft above. If you walk to the front of the memorial, you will see a trail going down. We walked down a bit and were able to take a picture of the views from below.


The Cave Store (Sunny Jim Sea Cave)

This place has to be a hidden gem because damn the views at the cave are unbelievable. I am not exaggerating and you only pay $5 to get in. You can only access the cave through the cave store. The cave is a manmade tunnel so it gets dark and creepy while you head down. Once you hit the bottom, you will be amazed at the beach views. There are small trails on the outside of the store where you can see the views from above the hill. La Jolla beach is also .2 miles away, so you can just take a walk to the beach.


Cabrillo National Monument

Cabrillo National Monument is a national park founded by  Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo in 1542. This place is a registered historical landmark and located at the southern tip of the Point Loma Peninsula in San Diego. You can catch the low tide pools at the epic sea cave. Although, I recently looked into the tide pools, no entry is longer allowed due to dangerous conditions. But besides checking out the sea cave, you can check out the “haunted” Old Point Loma Lighthouse. You do have access to walk inside and check out what it was like to maintain the lighthouse. To be honest I tripped out on how all the furniture was tiny. Eveything seemed small or it could be the fact that I’m a big girl. lol Anyways, head all the way to the top of the light house and get a cool view of the stairs from above.

Cabrillo National Monument


Old Point Loma Lighthouse


Inside the lighthouse at the top of stairs

Unconditional Surrender (Sculpture)

The infamous statue of the sailor kissing the nurse. Had no idea this was located in the port of San Diego on Tuna Lane. The iconic sculpture is definitely a must stop to admire by sculptor Seward Johnson. He captures the iconic photo by Victor Jorgensen. Located at the same area, is the Bob Hope Memorial. Trip out on the bronze statues of the legendary movie/TV comedian entertainer. After checking out both statues, you can head over to the USS Midway Aircraft Carrier. Didn’t get to check out the museum inside but it’s another idea to take on if you are there. You will definitely get a lot of pictures in at this location and don’t forget the beautiful ocean views.

Unconditional Surrender Sculpture

Mushroom Caves

The mushroom caves is a small hike located at Annie’s Canyon at Solana Beach. It’s a short hike and it’s at beginners level. Flat hike towards the caves, you can enjoy the views of the Laguna’s on the left side. I would say it’s about 1 mile to the caves then you will see a sign that says the hike will get strenuous. Take the strenuous trail, trust me it is not hard. I believe it says that because it will get very narrow. So if you are claustrophobic, this hike might be for you. You will encounter some metal stairs at the end and once you get to the top, you will get epic views from above.

Sunset Cliffs Natural Park

I always like to end my road trips to San Diego with catching the sunset at the beach. Sunset Cliffs Natural Park has to be the best spot and is located in Point Loma. The cliffs border the ocean so you will catch the most perfect views. There are few signs that warn you not to go over the cliffs because they are unstable but to be honest I seen locals taking walks and hanging out. We decided to risk it and climb down to the beach area. No harm done and we got to catch the beautiful sunset.

Spring Pics

Summer Pics

These places are just half of what San Diego has to offer. Below are some links of other places I have yet to visit but will defintely make time in the future. Let me know if you have been to any and give me some feedback.

  1. Chicano Park
  2. Fallen Star
  3. Friendship Park
  4. Pearl of the Pacific

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