Bottle Tree Ranch on Route 66

Hey guys! If you ever find your self bored and just want to take a drive somewhere random. You might want to check out Elmer’s Bottle Tree Ranch. It’s a ranch full of hand-made “trees” decorated with empty glass bottles by Elmer Long. Sounds trippy right? You can find this place off the historic Route 66 in the city of Oro Grande. If you go the way off interstate 10 frwy, you will come across some cool spots to stop before the ranch to take some cool pics or just hang out. Driving towards the ranch you will see some abandoned houses and small shops. Since I’m always hungry, I got to try and check out a pizza parlor called the “Cross Eyed Cow”. Pizza was okay but what was more interesting was all the cool decor in the inside and outside patio. You can check out more on this link Cross Eyed Cow Pizza. Below are some pics of what you will see headed towards the ranch.

Another cool spot to check out before getting to Bottle Tree, is Rockview Nature Park. You can come here before or after to take a short walk or take some cool pictures of the desert landscape. There is no designated parking area, or at least I didn’t see any but not many people come here so shouldn’t be a problem to find a lucky spot.

After checking out these cool spots, you keep driving straight and to your left you will find Bottle Tree Ranch. At first glance, you will be amazed on how cool the bottles are placed uniquely and creatively. This place is open 24 hours and there is no entrance fee. You will definitely get really cool pictures here especially if you come during the evening.

Check out some cool pictures I took while exploring the ranch.



Definitely a spot to check off your bucket list, right? If you keep driving up towards Victorville, you will come across one more road trip staple. The Rockfield Bridge aka the Route 66 bridge. It’s a rare bridge built in 1930 and crosses the Mojave River.

20180622_1400335954710545213467320.jpgThere are far more other places to check out beyond this point, so good luck and let me know what you discover.

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