Taking a cruise to Borrego Springs

I bet you haven’t heard of Borrego Springs, right? I didn’t either till I was browsing on Instagram and came across some metal structures in the desert. I did some research and found out there is a place called Galleta Meadows. From LA to Borrego, it will probably be a three hour drive headed towards San Diego. I would say maybe 20 minutes before arriving, you will encounter no service on your phone. So if you use google maps to drive, you might feel lost. To be prepared, I would do a print-out of the map incase you lose phone service. Off the Montezuma Borrego Hwy, you have to stop at Montezuma Valley Road Lookout to catch the amazing views of Borrego Springs and Anza-Borrego Desert State Park.

Montezuma Valley Road Lookout

After checking out the amazing views at the lookout, you are 20 minutes away from Galleta Meadows. The city of Borrego Springs kind of looks abandoned and their houses/shops have an “old pueblo” vibe. This city also has no stop lights. It’s a designated “international dark sky” settlement to protect the views of the night sky, trip out. I Literally didn’t see people around till we got to Galleta Meadows. Maybe seen at least two people stop by and check out the metal structures. The structures are all scattered around the open land. So make sure to drive around everywhere to catch all of them. There are over 130 metal structures by artist Ricardo Breceda. Below are some pictures from when I went during the winter 17 season. The other set of pictures are from spring 17.

Spring pics

Thank you for taking the time to check out this post. Feel free to message me if you ever take on this road trip and have any questions. It’s a bucket list location. Enjoy!

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